Posted on 10.10.2019

Eductor 1 Biofeedback devices

Biofeedback SRL established in 2013 as a legal and only manufacturer of the Eductor device. Biofeedback SRL is certified by TUV Rheinland as ISO 13485, and on European Union level, and has received from TUV Certification nr. HD 601134500001, for the production of the Eductor device and the development of the software running with the Eductor device.
Biofeedback SRL team has highly specialized technical support for continued development and cooperates with universities and doctors worldwide for continued double-blind medical research.
Its latest product, the updated EDUCTOR1 device uses the latest in technology, a highly sophisticated and accurate neurological medical device for complimentary medicine designed to scan and identify the reactions of the body to over 13000 trivector voltametric algorithmic signatures stored in its database within only a few minutes.
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